Earlier this year, I covered Carpark North’s unusual concert which took place in an ordinary household for the winner of Tuborg’s big competition. Here’s a refresher!

Here’s ATOMFAX’s latest music video “Ro til at Ro” in which I was the cinematographer and editor. In English, the title basically translates to “peace to paddle”.

It was shot on my old Canon 7D which utilized the Magic Lantern RAW custom firmware. To my knowledge, this is the first Magic Lantern RAW music video to have been released in Denmark, although I could be wrong. If that’s the case, please send all your angry letters to fail@jameshjertholm.com.

Also, check out the band’s newly launched website: http://atomfax.dk/

And so it became my turn to make a blog…

Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of blogging, but ever since I launched my website earlier this year, I’ve been eager to try it out, so here goes nothing!

My main purpose here is to show the stuff that I do which mainly involves video and photography and maybe even share some of my techniques through various tutorials. I also like to create music from time to time under the alias “PROXY TREE”.

You can check out my portfolio at www.jameshjertholm.com.

'Till next time!